Monday, October 26, 2009

Free Globe Tattoo/Smartbro Internet Cproxy Technique

Credits to Globe | Smart Cproxy : juliankreuz

This technique is about how to get a free internet connection using your prepaid modem, its proven and tested already, actually I am using it now, I surf without spending any dime with my globe tattoo. This one is also applicable to other modems like smart bro Prepaid and etc, as long you have 1 peso balance load (it depends on the network).  So panu ba yan? Hindi ko na patatagalin pa, just follow the steps:

1.) Download cproxy application here . At the same time register for a free account.
(The free account has a limit of 50 mb and its good for 3 days.)
Wait for the confirmation message from cproxy in your mail.

2.) Run the application then enter your user-id and password.

3.) Run your browser then change its proxy configuration.
In firefox go to: Tools>Options>advanced>network>settings

Then configure the proxies:

http proxy:  port: 3128
ssl proxy:  port: 3128
socks host: port 9000

Leave other settings empty.

There you have it!

If you want globe tattoo or smart unlimited free internet register as many free accounts as you want.


Use yopmail. Its an online random mail generator, just register in cproxy using then go to and paste your  random mail to their online mail checker and TADANG!!! 

You have your log-in id and password, register as many accounts as you can. Use unique emails like to ensure the mail. Enjoy Free Browsing!

To forumers:
First of all hindi ko inaako ang trick na to. To be honest hindi ko kilala o hindi kailanman nakapasok sa forums na mga tinutukoy mo. Nuon paman Id been messing with proxies and proxy apps, di lang po ito ang paraan madami pa. I dont mind giving credits if you really insist. Kung yan gusto nyo wala namang problema just don't spam the comment board.